Welcome to our new Website!

Hello there! We have been busy over the summer preparing a website with all things choir related for you to enjoy!

This year might be different to normal and no one really knows how the year is going to play out but we are committed to doing the best we can to keep Contemporary choir active even if we can’t sing! We are still going to be running as many virtual events as we can including quizzes, games and karaoke too!

We are also still going to be fundraising this year with a new charity which will give us something to work towards and hopefully come the summer term we would’ve returned to a more normal way of running choir activities and maybe even a concert and ball (but this is a BIG maybe and depends on a lot of factors)

Whether you’re a new or returning member we hope that you will enjoy being a part of contemporary choir and get as much as you can out of all the opportunities that we offer!

I’m looking foward to seeing you all this year (even if it is just on a screen!) 💙

Bekah (Marketing Sec) xx