Ellie Doherr and Jamie Harvey wearing Contemporary Choir caps

Welcome from Ellie & Jamie

We are so excited for Contemporary Choirs’ continuation this year as we welcome our old and new members – we will be present at Choir’s online and in person events so feel free to come up to either of us (and the rest of committee) if you have any questions, suggestions for outreach projects or just fancy a chat!


Part of our role as outreach is to connect with communities within and outside of the university. Last year we ran musical sessions at a primary school teaching some of our musical numbers and performed concerts for the public at the city’s churches. We are keen to continue these activities as well as collaborate with other music and performance societies to expand our musical range and style.

Your Wellbeing

Choir places a strong emphasis on members’ wellbeing. Alongside the wellbeing officers we have present at socials, we also provide our members with wellbeing cards which contain directions to support services. We are also implementing a “Buddy” system which choir members can choose to opt into. These will be groups made up of old and new members to help everyone mix and get to know each other.

“It’s an absolute joy to be part of the choir and it’s even more exciting to share the fun with an audience”