It’s not all about the singing, we also run a range of socials throughout the year such as bowling, bonfire night at Double Locks pub, scavenger hunt and brunch, and a beach social. Our social events are a great chance to meet people outside of rehearsals and everyone is welcome whether you are a regular member or only come to choir occasionally!

Virtual Socials

This year we have also held a range of virtual socials such as online quizzes, a games night, virtual workouts, such as a dance workout, and a regular book club! Our virtual socials are a great way to stay connected and to meet new people in choir. They’re also really easy to come to as most of them are on Zoom!

A photo of a Zoom video call with 25 people on a laptop

Wellbeing Officers

At every social there are at least two members of committee are wellbeing officers for that social. They will be wearing a pink badge and will be sober for the social. Wellbeing officers are members of committee who you can approach if you are ever feeling uncomfortable in a situation and need someone to help out. You can use the code word “mangoes” to one of the well-being officers to let them know you would like their help!


Intramural is a great chance to have a go at a sport in a team with choir members! You don’t have to be good at sports to join, anyone in choir is welcome. We play for fun against teams made up of other societies or just groups of friends. The sessions run weekly but there are enough people in each team that not everyone has to attend every session. We have had choir teams for netball in terms one and two and rounders in third term!

“Even when I’m having the worst week, I always come in and leave with a smile”