Accessibility Pledge

Contemporary Choir’s Accessibility Pledge

We will make sure at least one of member committee has undergone disability awareness training, which explains how to meet the commitments within this pledge.

The commitments below cover access needs that we can anticipate. When an unanticipated access need or a specific request is raised with us, we will do everything we can to accommodate and make that person feel welcome, getting advice from the Guild if we’re not sure how best to do this.

All rehearsals and events, both in-person and virtual, will have:

  • Short access breaks, and it will be made clear that people can leave at any time if necessary.
  • Detailed access statements (including both what we can and cannot provide) on publication, made available everywhere the event is advertised. This will include a designated point of contact (ie committee member) who can be consulted for further access information.
  • We will aim to hold a range of events that cater to different access needs.

All in-person rehearsals, socials and events will have:

  • Unobstructed step-free/wheelchair access (where possible).
  • Padded seating available (where possible).
  • If food and drink is provided, there will be non-alcoholic/ sugar-free/ gluten-free options with allergen information/packaging available to check.
  • Food and drink provided will be separate from the seating area so attendees can avoid food-related triggers (where possible/ can be expected)
  • A separate, designated quiet space
  • We will check whether a hearing loop is available (e.g. from Porters) and communicate this to our members. 
  • Detailed instructions about how to find venues will be shared.

All virtual rehearsals, socials and events will have:

  • We will let people know that they are free to have their video or mic off and to contribute via the chat function 
  • We will make meetings accessible to those who cannot attend
  • In-person events will have virtual attendance or live minutes

Our social media and website content will include:

  • All images (unless solely decorative) will have an image description, including any image text, as a plain-text description and in the alt-text field.
  • Printed or digital documents with text will either be available as a DOC, text-selectable PDF, or will have a plain-text version available wherever the document is advertised
  • All video content with speech will have a transcript of the speech (e.g. in the video description) and, where possible, also closed captions
  • All video content with text embedded will have a transcript of this text
  • All video content with important visual features (e.g. a graph) will have this described in the transcript and, where possible, also in audio.