Meet The Team!

Contemporary Choir is led by the committee, which is an elected team of student volunteers who run Contemporary Choir on behalf of its members. Each is at a different point in their studies, have different roles on the Committee, but all of them are dedicated to making Contemporary Choir as enjoyable as possible for its members. Each committee member has a different role to play in making Choir happen and they work hard to create lots of opportunities for the members to sing, socialise and meet new people!

The Music Team is also part of the committee and are in charge of choosing and providing us with the music that we learn throughout the term. The Musical Director (MD) and Assistant Musical Director (AMD) are elected in term three after auditioning for the role by taking part of a rehearsal. The only committee member not elected is the accompanist who is selected by the MD. 

Chris Menon


Chris leads the committee meetings and elections, supports the rest of the team to enable them to succeed, and helps keep Contemporary Choir the greatest society at Exeter!

Trey Tallon


As VP Trey's role involves organising stash, intramurals and stepping up to help Chris when needed.

Beth Yates


Beth manages the society's finances, which includes writing budgets & funding applications, managing and processing payments for the society, and making sure that we understand how VAT and charity law impact our work.

James Lush

Musical Director

James finds music, runs rehearsals, and leads the choir at concerts. If you’ve got any questions about the music we’re singing, suggestions for songs, or you’re even interested in conducting, then just come and ask him at any society event!

Ems Saunders

Assistant Musical Director

Ems helps James to run rehearsals, pick the music that we sing and is always around to answer any of your questions!



We'll be advertising for an accompanist in Freshers' week - get in touch if you're interested!

Ella Lever and Katie Lever

Publicity Secretary

Ella & Katie work closely together to design and create our publicity materials, run all of the choir's social media accounts, and promote the choir and our events to our members, students, and the wider Exeter community!

Jess Poulton

Communication Secretary

Jess takes responsibility for scheduling and minuting committee meetings, sending weekly emails to members with all of the latest updates from the society, and monitoring the Contemporary Choir email account - so please feel free to get in touch!

Kendra Benney

Fundraising Secretary

Kendra's role involves leading the members to choose a new society at the start of the year, organising the fundraising events, and making sure these are enjoyable and fun for every member of choir!

Cariad Morgan and Emily Clark

Social Secretary

Cariad and Emily collaborate as Social Secretaries to organise and run a range of socials throughout the year, typically one a fortnight! They also work to support member wellbeing by ensuring that there are at least two wellbeing officers for each social.


Outreach Secretary

Our Outreach Secretary connects choir with the local community and organises collaborations with other societies. They also take the lead on supporting members’ wellbeing, as well as making the society more inclusive and accessible.


Equipment Secretary

Our Equipment Secretary takes care of all of Choir’s equipment. This includes keeping track of where everything is, making sure it all works, and, if the need arises, purchasing new equipment. They also help take care of room bookings for rehearsal and venue bookings for performances.


Mascot (non-exec)

Ron is a cute, plush blue whale, and was recruited as our mascot in the summer of 2022. He's a regular at all our events and enjoys meeting everyone, come over and say hello!