Meet The Team!

Contemporary Choir is led by two groups of volunteers, the Committee and the Music Team. Both work together closely to make the Choir as successful as possible for its members. Each committee member has a different role to play in making Choir happen and they work hard to create lots of opportunities for the members to sing, socialise and meet new people!

The Committee

The Committee are an elected team of student volunteers who run Contemporary Choir on behalf of its members. Each is at a different point in their studies, have different roles on the Committee, but all of them are dedicated to making Contemporary Choir as enjoyable as possible for its members.

Tom Joshi-Cale smiling at the camera

Tom Joshi-Cale


Welcome to Contemporary Choir! I'm Tom, a 4th year Astrophysics student, and my role is to facilitate the committee meetings, ensure we stay on top of all of our events, and help keep Contemporary Choir the greatest society at Exeter!

Maddy Swanton smiling at the camera

Maddy Swanton

Vice-President & Design Secretary

Hello! I'm Maddy, a 3rd year psychology student. I'm so excited for the year ahead! As VP, I help Tom organise the logistics of choir and deputise when necessary! While as Design Sec, I create all of the images and publicity material, working with Bekah to share all that choir is up to and how to get involved!

Chris Menon smiling at the camera

Chris Menon


Hi I'm Chris, a 2nd year student studying joint Biology and Computer Science through FCH. As Treasurer I manage the society's finances, which includes writing budgets & funding applications, managing and processing payments for the society, and making sure that we understand how VAT and charity law impact our work.

Sarah Kenway smiling at the camera

Sarah Kenway

Communication Secretary

Hi I’m Sarah, I’m a 3rd year Psychology student and I am responsible for the organisational and administrative aspects of the Contemporary Choir committee. As well as scheduling and minuting committee meetings, I will also be sending out a weekly email to members with all of the latest updates from the society and monitoring the Contemporary Choir email account so please feel free to get in touch!

Bekah Alford smiling at the camera

Bekah Alford

Marketing Secretary

Hi! I'm Bekah and I am in my 2nd year studying Geography (BSc). As marketing Secretary, my role involves working with Maddy to promote all things Contemporary Choir at Uni and in the wider local community. My main job is to run all of the choir's social media accounts and to keep on top of the website too! If you every have any questions about events, socials or any choir related activity and get in touch through instagram or facebook then it will normal be me who replies!

Katie Milsom smiling at camera

Katie Milsom

Social Secretary

Hi I'm Katie, a 4th year Physics student and as social secretary my role is to organise and run socials. It is my responsibility to run a range of socials throughout the year and to ensure that there are at least two wellbeing officers for each social. Feel free to come say hi to me at socials, I love meeting new people!

Megan Cox smiling at the camera

Megan Cox

Fundraising Secretary

Hi, I’m Megan, a 2nd psychology student and I’m one of your Fundraising Secretaries. Our role is to plan and run fundraising events throughout the year. This year we would also like to bring more awareness to the charity that is chosen so people know and understand how their money is directly being used.

Beth Piper smiling at the camera

Beth Piper

Fundraising Secretary

Hi, I’m Beth, a second year Psychology student and I’m the other one of your fundraising secretaries. Our role involves organising the fundraising events throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, we will be voting, as a whole choir, on the new charity for this year. We want to continue the success from last year’s fundraising whilst also making the events enjoyable and fun for every choir member!

Mia Rooney smiling at the camera

Mia Rooney

Equipment Secretary

Hello! My name is Mia Rooney and I am a third year Math student. As Equipment Secretary it is my job to take care of all of Choir’s equipment. This includes keeping track of where everything is, making sure it all works, and, if the need arises, purchasing new equipment. I also help take care of room bookings for rehearsal and venue bookings for performances.

Ellie Doherr smiling at the camera

Ellie Doherr

Outreach Secretary

Hi I’m Ellie, a 4th year Psychology student and one of your outreach secretaries. My role involves connecting choir with students and helping choir collaborate with the local community and other societies. I also take a lead on supporting members’ wellbeing and am excited to launch our Buddy Scheme to welcome new members into our society and the university. I love a good chat so feel free to come to me with any questions or ideas about choir!

Jamie Harvey smiling at the camera

Jamie Harvey

Outreach Secretary

Hi I'm Jamie, a 4th year Genomic Medicine student and I'm the other one of your outreach secretaries. I'm involved in helping out with the wellbeing of choir members, organising the Buddy Scheme and getting choir integrated into the local community through other societies, local events and schools. If you have any questions about wellbeing, collaborations or anything at all, please feel free to get in touch with me or Ellie!

The Music Team

The Music Team is also part of the committee and are in charge of choosing and providing us with the music that we learn throughout the term. The Musical Director (MD) and Assistant Musical Director (AMD) are elected in term three after auditioning for the role by taking part of a rehearsal. The only committee member not elected is the accompanist who is selected by the MD. This year due to Covid19 we have been unable to audition for accompanists and Sarah, last years accompanist volunteered to stay on and help produce our virtual choir videos. 

James Lush

Musical Director

I’m James and I’m the musical director of the choir. I find music, run rehearsals, and lead the choir at concerts and virtual choirs. If you’ve got any questions about the music we’re singing, suggestions for songs, or you’re even interested in conducting, then just come and ask me at any society event!

Sarah Kenway smiling at the camera

Sarah Kenway


Hi I'm Sarah, I'm a 3rd year Psychology student and I'm also choir's Accompanist! This means that I'll be playing the piano for our rehearsals and performances as well as helping to make decisions about the music we're singing this year - I can't wait to hear all of your song suggestions!